A Note from Our Director

 Judith Roberts, Executive Director

 Judith Roberts, Executive Director

I am honored to introduce you to The Literacy Project and serve as the Executive Director! 

Education has the power to transform lives.  Here at The Literacy Project, we see that every day. We see it in the mother who learns how to advocate for her child, in the laid off factory worker who retools for a new career, in the high school drop-out who completes her high school education and enrolls in college.

I know it firsthand, too: I graduated from college when I was 50 years old, after pursuing my education part-time for 15 years.  Education definitely changed my life. 

The work of The Literacy Project is uplifting and hopeful: we open doors to the future; we introduce our students to the joys of learning; and we help to build dreams.

Our own dream is that all adults in the Pioneer Valley have lifelong access to the transformative power of education.   I hope you'll join us in making that dream a reality!

Judith Roberts, Executive Director


Our Students

Students at The Literacy Project are courageous adults who are ready to turn their lives around by returning to school for the basics.  You can read and watch their stories on the Our Stories page and in this video.


Our Mission

The Literacy Project provides adult basic education programs and opportunities that support participants to engage meaningfully and equitably in the economic, social, cultural and civic life of their communities. 


Our History

The Literacy Project is an independent nonprofit, founded in 1984 by Dr. Lindy Whiton, Jim Vaughan, and Phil Rabinowitz.  For more on our history and some photos from the past, click here


Board of Directors

The Literacy Project is a 501(c)3 organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  For a current listing of the Officers and Board Members of The Literacy Project, click here


Staff Directory

For a list of Literacy Project staff members and their contact information, click here