State Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose Visits The Literacy Project - Amherst

We had a great visit with our new State Representative for Amherst: Solomon Goldstein-Rose. 

Students in Amherst classes prepared for his visit by studying current events, learning about how the state government works, reading poetry and short stories exploring American identity, and writing their own questions for him.  

"Goldstein-Rose's visit was a great opportunity for our students, many of whom are immigrants, to hear first-hand how our democracy works," comments Executive Director Judith Roberts.  Goldstein-Rose explained how a bill moves through the legislature to become a law, how the state government works, and how the state and federal governments work together.  He also explained how the students, as citizens and constituents, could make their voices heard and influence their elected officials.

Literacy Project students, in turn, explained to Goldstein-Rose what issues were most important to them: immigration, health care, and the cost of higher education.