Zoe Rosenthal

Remembering Zoe Rosenthal

July 20, 1965 - November 29, 2017

The Literacy Project Instructor Zoe Rosenthal.JPG

The Literacy Project community is heartbroken by the sudden loss of our beloved teacher and friend, Zoe Rosenthal.  Zoe was hit by a car when she was walking her dog in the evening of November 27, 2017, and she passed away a few days later. 

Zoe was a gifted educator who brought creativity and passion to her teaching.  She believed in the potential of every student to achieve their dreams.  Students, staff and volunteers were uplifted by her generous spirit and positive outlook.  She was a friend to many, and we miss her tremendously. 


Zoe was a dedicated teacher and a fine colleague. Her commitment to her students and to adult education was inspirational.
— Judith Roberts, Executive Director
Her real love was building a community in the classroom. Getting people working together and getting to know each other and supporting each other, that was her goal.
— Sheila Murphy, Northampton Site Director
Zoe had this unique ability to teach to so many different needs in the classroom. She believed in people and their capacities. She could separate circumstances from your abilities.
— Sara Canfield-Hornig, volunteer
She knows all of our strengths and weaknesses, giving us genuine praise when we deserved it. It’s hard, coming from another country and having kids, but she empowered me and she encouraged me.
— Dorah Sesay-Rains, student
Zoe knew that helping people academically was only part of the puzzle. She was more than a teacher to many, many of her students. She was a close friend, and a friend they could count on.
— Thane Thomsen, Teacher
Zoe Rosenthal: Teacher, friend, mentor, colleague.
We carry you with us forever in our hearts.