Honoring Carl Coniglio

Long-time TLP teacher Carl Coniglio has retired!  Congratulations, Carl!

Carl was a wonderful colleague and a wise and committed teacher. He is profoundly kind and respectful to everyone - from his students to his coworkers.
— Judith Roberts, Executive Director

After 16 years, Carl Coniglio is retiring from The Literacy Project.  Carl began as a classroom volunteer in Greenfield.  He was soon hired as an Instructor, and later as the Site Director, at The Literacy Project-Ware. Students and colleagues alike are grateful to have been able to work and learn with Carl, and we miss him tremendously!

Carl brought a warm heart and a sharp mind to his work in Ware.  He was tireless in his efforts to help his students succeed, through both his work in the classroom and his leadership of the  Quaboag Hills Community Coalition.  His work in the community helped connect students to new opportunities, including college classes in Ware, and brought in much-needed funds to support the program. 



In 2010, Carl was awarded the COSA Direct Service Award, in recognition of his outstanding dedication to his students and the Ware community.  He was nominated by his students, who said:

Carl is energetic and passionate about teaching. He also lends his advice in times of trouble. Carl is an amazing person and he treats his students like friends, not just pupils.
— Christine Kennedy, former student
Carl is the kind of person you can talk to without being judged and told you are wrong. He is always telling us he has faith in all of us. He is a great teacher and friend.
— Crystal Tortora, former student
Carl will bend over backwards to try to help his students. His heart is always open to his students.
— Linda Fournier, former student

Carl worked long hours, fueled by coffee and faith that the work of The Literacy Project really matters.  He was inspired and energized by witnessing his students overcome obstacles, and we in turn are inspired and energized by his example. 

Thank you, Carl, for sharing your dedicated heart and inquisitive mind with the TLP community for the past 16 years!  You have touched many lives, and TLP is stronger and better as a result of your work.  We miss you!